What Do I Do To Stop Flushing My Money Down The Toilet?

Are you unwittingly flushing money down the toilet? Learn how to avoid some common mistakes by reading the article below.
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Most of us have already cottoned on to the water savings that can be made by using the half flush on our toilets. For those of us that don’t have the half flush cistern, we’ve employed the ingenious trick of placing a brick in the cistern, displacing water to save water.

Saving water means saving money. The price of water will only continue to rise, as does everything we find critical to normal living. So, finding places to save water equates to money in the bank.

Often our toilets will leak. They can leak from cracks in the bowl and around the pipes and connections. These leaks are easy to spot. When you can identify a problem, you can implement an appropriate fix.

The problem comes when a leak is difficult to spot. There are two common situations that create a toilet leak that is difficult to identify, unless you are really paying attention.

The reason it is difficult to spot is because the leak goes directly into the bowl. The water glides down the inside of the bowl silently and invisibly, only to escape down the S-bend undetected.

There are two common situations that can create this sneaky aqua great escape. The first is when the floatation device that operates the flush and refill mechanism gets out of whack. The cistern can continue to fill, even though it is already full. The excess disappears silently down the overflow into
the bowl.

The other situation involves is the seal at the base of the cistern. Sometimes the seal is just worn. Other times, the cylinder that plugs the outlet gets slightly out of line creating a poor seal.

These thunderbox maladies result in water leaking into the bowl. It can be a lot of water and it can happen under your nose and go on for ages, undetected; until you receive a suspiciously large water bill.

It’s important to know that a leaking toilet could be wasting up to 23,000 litres of water per month. That’s a heck of a lot of wasted money over a year.

What do I do to stop flushing my money down the toilet?

  • Firstly, have a look, a close look. Put on a glove and put your finger on the inside of the bowl. Is there water flowing around it? Are there tiny ripples in the water in the bowl? Do this test on all your toilets.

  • If you have discovered a leak, call Gastek Solutions. For those of you with experience in these matters, a fix can be pretty simple. If you have the knowhow and experience, have a fidget. Often, slight adjustments are all that is required. For the rest of us, a call to Gastek Solutions can see you saving a fair few pounds.

Don’t flush money down the toilet. A phone call and a friendly chat to one of our experienced experts can stem the flow and save you a heap of cash. Check the loos. If you find a leak, give Gastek a call.


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