The Number 1 Way To Maintain Healthy Waste Pipes

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There’s plenty of useful tips for maintaining healthy waste pipes. If you had to choose only one, let this one be it. Keep hair from entering the drainpipes.

Plumbers find the most amazing things in waste pipes, from children’s toys to jewellery, underwear and a range of insoluble sanitary products.

Interestingly, the glue that binds these miscellaneous household items together, creating an impenetrable drain blockage is hair. Yes, the hair that grows on your head.

As you are undoubtable aware, we all drop hair daily. It’s not at all uncommon for a female to drop 150 hairs per day. Imagine, if you will, there are 3 long hared females in the house, a teenage boy with long hair, and the man of the house, dad, who happens to be reseeding rather quickly.

Annually this can add up to something like 275,000 hairs. A vast portion of these hairs inevitably make their way into your drain pipes; we lose a lot of hair in the shower.

Here, in the drain pipes, they act a little like tree roots entering your drainage system. They lock bind and tangle, alone or with other objects to create blockages only your plumber can fix.

Depending on where the drain blocks, this could be one heck of an expensive fix. And what a shame, because the situation can be avoided quite easily.

Here’s what you can do to mitigate against hair ingress

  • Check the drains in your bathrooms. If they are old, there are little waste protectors that look like a tea strainer. They fit in the waste hole like a plug and are available in several sizes. They simply sit in the waste hole, no fixing required. Keep them in the shower full time and clean them after each shower. For baths, when you pull the plug, simply put the waste catcher over the waste hole to filter out the hair that is in the bath water.
  • Ensure that a house rule is set that no hair is disposed of down the toilet. Many people clean their combes and brushes in the bathroom, disposing of the hair by flushing it away. This is a big no-no. Make sure everybody in the household is informed and encouraged to avoid this practice. Explain why.
  • Some modern drains such as smart drains have built in systems for collecting hair. It is important these are cleaned very regularly. Smart drains just pull up by hand. Make clearing hair from the smart drains part of your bathroom cleaning routine.

  • You will notice that after every shower hair will collect at the drain. Remove it after your shower. If everybody in the house does this, it is unlikely you will ever have hair becoming an unwanted dam wall inside your sewer pipes.

This is a simple behavioural fix you and your family can take on with little effort. If you want advice about smart drains or drain traps for keeping the hair out, give Gastek Solutions a call. We can advise you over the phone or we can drop around to your place for a friendly chat.

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