It’s a Kitchen Sink, not a Rubbish Bin


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Caring for your drain pipes is a sure way to avoid blockages, pipe damage and the ensuing, potentially hefty plumbing bills, inconvenience and frustrations. Many of us have experienced blocked drains.

The repair can be as simple as putting a chemical down the sink, hand to drain combat with a trusty plunger or, in the worst cases, the nightmare of ripped up walls or floors, and even large plant machinery and excavation.

Appropriate care mitigates against the need for any of these fixes, and good care is a simple as some easy ground rules and habit changes.

The kitchen sink is a primary source for the beginnings of waste pipe trouble. We have a tendency to use the kitchen sink as a garbage, washing away all sorts of waste that genuinely has no place in domestic drain pipes.

Here’s 6 things you should never put down your kitchen sink.

Make a note to tell all in the family. These tips can save you big headaches and plenty of money.

  • Fats, Grease and Cooking Oil
    Over time, these substances can harden. Before they harden, they can ack like a glue, collecting other sewer bound debris that shouldn’t have gone down the sink in the first place.
  • Coffee Grinds
    Coffee Grinds collect with grease and oils to create and impenetrable wall. One of the worst combinations for a drain.
  • Fruit andVegetable Peels
    Never assume the peels are small enough to be washed away. They’re not. They get stuck in pipes and create blockages. As they decompose they can create an unpleasant odour.
  • Egg Shells
    Egg shells should never go down the sink. They get stuck. The sticky inner glues itself to the pipe wall creating the potential for blockages.

  • Soft Foods
    There are certain foods, soft foods, like pasta, legumes, rice potatoes and the like, that expand when in contact with water. Putting these substances down your drains is a sure way to create a dam in your pipes.

  • Hair
    Hair gets into everything, yes, including the kitchen sink. Keep it out. It acts like a super bonder tying other waste matter together to create a super blockage.

Not only do blockages stem the necessary flow, they create build up points that encourage and accelerate rust. Rusting pipes become an even greater nightmare on top of blockages. More frustration and greater expense.

Get everybody at home, yes, that includes dad and the kids, to follow the simple tips above. Believe it or not, the majority of plumbing firms have growing, healthy businesses simply because people don’t follow the tips above.

If you have a blocked pipe emergency, call us a Gastek Solutions, we’ll restore the flow in no time flat!

We can also advise on and implement regular pipe inspections and maintenance, so you can get about family life and business without unduly concerning yourself with pipes and drainage. You follow the tips, Gastek Solutions will take care of the rest.

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