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For the absolute best plumbers in Stourbridge bar none, you need to call Gastek Solutions for expert quality, backed by watertight guarantees. If it’s plumbing related, we do it. And what’s more, we do it right the first time. Stourbridge families depend on Gastek Solutions for peace of mind, and you can depend on us too.

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Sewer Sluggish? Your toilet talking? Call Gastek Solutions now

With a regular, reliable and functional flush, our toilets never get a second thought. However, when the toilet won’t flush, or when the sink won’t drain after doing the dishes, all of a sudden, it’s the only thing we can think of.And, there’s a smell, and it’s not pleasant.

Gastek Solutions have rectified many a blocked sewer in Stourbridge, restoring set and forget drainage to many a home, so families can get on with the business of living in convenience.

We advise that you call Gastek Solutions at first sign of waste water that is slow to disperse. Dealing with the problem now can save you time, money and inconvenience.

Gastek Solutions service Stourbridge with a range of the latest, cutting edge techniques to ensure the drains on your property do exactly what they are meant to, and that’s drain!

From the toilet to the drop pipe we can assess and repair. From a simple S-bend to a full underground pipe replacement, Gastek Solutions should be you first choice.

Maintain now and avoid expensive repairs

Drainage pipes often block slowly over time. Pipes can separate and break, tree roots can get inside the pipes, scum can build up, yet the drainage remains functional if a little slow. If you are the slightest bit suspicious that a blockage may be forming, this is the time to call Gastek Solutions.

We can employ technologies such as miniature cameras and CCTV to inspect the internals of your drainage system. A full assessment can ensure that you avoid any problems before they occur, or at the very least, deal with a smaller problem as opposed to a major problem.

Plumbers in Stourbridge – Call Gastek Solutions now

Gastek Solutions knows their way around all the pipes of Stourbridge. Speak to us now about a full drainage inspection. By the time we leave, you’ll be flushing with confidence.


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